Terms and Conditions

By booking with us you are agreeing with the terms and conditions below.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Booking Trail-led rides and road instruction – Payment in full to be made to the leader at the start of the ride.

Service – We will endeavour to make your ride and training as close to that described on this website or any other promotional material. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, there has to be changes to the ride because of deterioration in the weather, trail conditions, mechanical problems, injury or illness then the leader’s decision is final in all matters.

Hire of Bikes – The hirer is responsible for any damage or loss caused, other than through natural wear and tear. Any damage to or loss of the bicycles will be charged at full replacement or repair value. You must agree to return the bike at the agreed time in the condition that you received it. You may not sell, hire or otherwise part with the bike during the hire period.

Cancellation by us – We will always try to deliver what we promise but in the unlikely event of a trip or training session having to be cancelled a full refund will be given. Let’s Bike is not liable for any additional expense that you incur.

Insurance – We recommend that you have adequate insurance before carrying out any of the activities.

Limit of liability - Let’s Bike Have a duty of care to its customers but are only liable for the cost of the ride or training. We cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to your personnel possessions. We are not liable for failure in carrying out the contract if the failure is due to the action of the participant or the action of a third party. We are also not liable for any theft or damage to bicycles or injury to you occurring as a result of cycling on or off road or in transit.

Your responsibilities – You accept that riding a bicycle either on the road or off road can be a hazardous activity and may involve elements of risk and discomfort. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you take responsibility for your own actions. It is important that you are fit enough to carry out your chosen activity. You must inform us of any medical condition prior to the activity. Let’s Bike take’s no responsibility for damage, death or injury caused by you or by your participation. You must at all times ride within your ability and always wear an approved safety helmet. If using your own bicycle you must ensure your bike is in good working order and must notify us of any defects. We carry out a pre-check and reserve the right to stop you from participating if we feel it is not safe and in good working order. We reserve the right to remove any individual from an activity whose behaviour is deemed by the leader to be detrimental to the group enjoyment and overall safety. We will not be liable for any refund in these circumstances.

Privacy – We guarantee not to pass any of your details to any third parties.

Let’s Bike – We are trained to lead and instruct on and off road cycling. Our leaders are here to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time. Their instruction is to be followed at all times. In the event of changing circumstances then the leader’s decision is final.